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Media presence

Our company's appearances in the media

Our company was presented by our sales manager Zsolt Ritó in several programs on RTL Klub’s Sweetening show.

The videos below show the main features of solar systems, you can click on the broadcasts to view the reports made in our Miskolc office.

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Intro

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Part 1.

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Part 2.

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Part 3.

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Part 4.

RTL-Klub’s Sweetening Part 5.


The main character of our advertisement is the light, which gives energy!

In triggering the electricity bill

We are the Solution!

Home renovation support.

We are the solution!

Our company do not offer loan brokerage services or bank financing, we only offer consultancy. The financing contructions indicated in our website are only for your guidance, that have been represented according to average products in the market. Prices in our website are not qualified as an offer. You can ask for specific, individual quote on our contact details.

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