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Turnkey, complete solar systems.

Our staff will contact you and send you a personalized offer.

Tendering opportunities for private persons and companies.


Financing opportunities:

Personal fund, credit, tender, building savings account …

All parts of the country!

Full administration until implementation

Offer, planning, implementation

In Seeptember 2019 we have more than 500 successful MFB tenders!


Choose green energy!

Cheap, comfortable, environmental friendly

In 2019 we have built more than 5MW of solar panel parks.


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Currently we are operating 10 solar panel parks.



Our advertisement’s main character is the light, which gives energy!


In triggering the electricity bill

we are the Solution!

Built solar system

Equipped solar panels

MW/h energy produced

Processes of the solar system:

We sell complete, turnkey systems which are included in the electricity supply administration, if required, supported financing by individuals and also in the case of a company.

We provide first class products from manufacturers with warranty and professional service background.

The method of financing can be provided by MFB bank (hungarian development bank) secured 0% APR loan, equity, housing insurance, CsoK (family home discount). We provide full administration and assistance.

Requirements of the service area and its procedural time is different in each area. Our colleagues and electrical designers will prepare these documents.

Our installers undertake a 2-year warranty on the work performed, and in the event of a defect, they will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period.

Sending an offer

We will send a quote according to your needs.


Clarification of technical content, personal survey if necessary.


Based on the final offer.


The licensing process is 30-90 days depending on the power provider. Once approval is received, the system will be logistically processed.

Delivery and construction

Delivery takes place at a pre-agreed time, followed by installation at a new time, which takes 1-2 days depending on the panel number.

Meter replacement

The electricity supplier replaces the electricity meter with a new digital send-and-receive meter.

What we can guarantee

Personal consultancy

we estimate your needs, give you suggestions as a solution, send you an offer.


Our experts create your HMKE plan according to your personal needs.


Our mechanic units make implementing quickly, precisely, professionally throughout the country.


Managing the project to implementing after agreement.


Quickly, professionally with qualified experts.


Why us?

Most ideal financing opportunities

that we elaborate and implement

Full service

from offering to implementing

Building systems

without paying deposit

Our Partners

Our company do not offer loan brokerage services or bank financing, we only offer consultancy. The financing contructions indicated in our website are only for your guidance, that have been represented according to average products in the market. Prices in our website are not qualified as an offer. You can ask for specific, individual quote on our contact details.

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